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Once a decision is made to seek help for a substance use disorder or a mental health disorder, the first step to entering treatment begins with the admissions process. Our admissions staff is happy to answer any questions so you fully understand the admissions process. Admission into our adolescent mental health programs is confidential and easy to navigate. We guide you through every step making the process as smooth as possible. Contact us today, and you can get started on healing tomorrow.



The first step to being admitted to New Mexico Behavioral Healthcare involves undergoing a full assessment. This allows us to get to know what your exact treatment needs are and then design a program to address them. We will discuss things like your history with addiction or mental illness, any previous experiences with treatment, and what goals you have in mind. We encourage you to ask any questions you have during this time.



The approval process involves discussing payment options, including Medicaid and private pay. We can help you confirm what choices are available to you and walk you through understanding the required paperwork necessary to gain approval. Once you are approved for our treatment program, we explain what the next step is so you are fully prepared.



We begin the admissions process by determining a day and time for your arrival. We will explain what to bring with you and expectations for your time with us. We review your treatment goals and give you an idea of how your daily routines will look. This takes the mystery out of what to expect once you arrive. We will help you get settled, feel comfortable, and start getting the help you deserve.



We know it can feel scary to ask for help. When you contact us, our friendly admissions staff will put you at ease by letting you know we are here to help you. We welcome your questions and can let you know exactly how we can help you get the confidential help you deserve.



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