Vocational Training Programs in Albuquerque, New Mexico


New Mexico Behavioral Healthcare includes vocational training programs in Albuquerque, New Mexico as part of our treatment plan for adolescents.


When a person ends up addicted to drugs or alcohol, they often suffer in terms of their physical and mental health. Their family relationships and friendships typically sustain additional damage. Unfortunately, another vital part of a person’s life can be heavily impacted by a substance use disorder. They can have difficulty getting a job or maintaining one they have. As time goes on, this skill set and the person’s confidence in themselves can erode.


What are Vocational Training Programs?


Vocational training programs in Albuquerque, New Mexico help accomplish a number of tasks related to teaching a person how to train for and get the job they want. It begins with identifying the right type of job or career path the individual wants to focus on. For young people, especially those who have spent time abusing drugs or alcohol, it can be hard to zero in on what they want in a career. For this reason, part of vocational training zeroes in on exploring the adolescent’s interests and passions in life. They learn how to set realistic goals for jobs that will not compromise their sobriety (bartender, for example) and see how that line of work might work best for them.


From there, the young person begins to learn the art of interviewing for a job. This includes building the right resume, even if they don’t have a lot of job experience yet. It also demonstrates how to dress for an interview, how to answer questions honestly and respectfully, and how to listen so that they understand what the employer is looking for.


Vocational training programs also teach a person what to anticipate when they begin a new job, including going through initial training. This can be a stressful part of the job that often tempts a person to give up. The young person learns how to handle the stressors of getting comfortable in a new job without turning to drugs or alcohol to cope. It also helps improve their overall mental health due to relieving the stress that often comes from not knowing what to expect at a new job.


Lastly, vocational training programs teach people how to set a budget so that they use their salaries responsibly. This includes paying their bills, saving money, paying down any accrued debt, and planning for future financial needs.

Vocational Training Programs and Substance Abuse Treatment in Albuquerque, New Mexico


Someone considering finding substance abuse treatment for their teenager may not make the connection between it and vocational training programs in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In fact, someone who has lost a lot of their formative years to abusing drugs or alcohol might not be fluent in doing basic things, like gaining and maintaining employment. They lose their ability to set goals for a job, undergo any necessary training, and then pursue a line of work.


Vocational training addresses this side effect of substance use disorders and more. We help young people understand that using drugs or alcohol either on or off the job can have hazardous results and jeopardize their ability to achieve their goals.


In fact, people who are new to treatment for addiction typically have high unemployment rates and often a spotty or negative work history. The more they have trouble finding and keeping a job, the more likely they are to relapse in order to cope with the fallout.


With the right vocational training, adolescents prove more likely to:

    • Get excited about their future
    • Do well in training and schooling
    • Avoid relapse
    • Enjoy higher self-esteem
    • Have longer-lasting careers
    • Develop friendships with colleagues
    • Enjoy a sense of purpose
    • Set themselves up for careers that get them excited about going to work
    • Move their social circles to work-related relationships and pastimes instead of ones involving people who still use drugs or alcohol

Benefits of Our Albuquerque, New Mexico Vocational Training Programs


We provide several benefits for anyone receiving our vocational training programs in Albuquerque, New Mexico. First, it takes the mystery out of knowing how to create a resume or fill out an application. Since many interviews these days take place online via a chat program, we also teach how to dress for being on camera, and what the Do’s and Don’ts are for all types of interviews.


Additionally, we provide sources for job placement agencies and companies looking for a person’s particular skill set and interests. This gives them several ideas for getting started, which can keep them from becoming frustrated early in the process and giving up.


We also teach young people how to balance their work and personal lives. They benefit from knowing when to put in an extra effort at work and when to throttle back in order to make sure they take time for themselves. The latter can be particularly important if the person tends to overwork to fill the void of time they used to use drinking or using drugs.

Begin Our Vocational Training Programs in Albuquerque, New Mexico Today


Do you have a child aged 13 to 17 who needs help overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol? We can help with this, as well as treat any co-occurring mental illnesses. New Mexico Behavioral Healthcare offers effective vocational training program in Albuquerque, New Mexico that help set up adolescents and teens for exciting jobs both now and in the future. We teach them the skills they may lack so that they can engage in vocational training, find, and keep a job that meets their interests and capabilities.


If you would like more information about our evidence-based treatment and how we can help turn your child’s life around, visit our admissions page now. Our friendly staff can answer any questions you have.